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Mistakes Were Made (But Not By Me)

Carol Travis and Eliot Aronson

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When confronted by proof that we are wrong, we don't change POV, we self-justify. Look for any additional evidence toconfirm the opinion I already hold. If new info fitsour beliefs it's quality; If it doesn't, it must be fake.

If you vent anger, actually get angrier. Not a safety valve that releases. What actually happens is that you feel need to justify the anger.

Israel-Palestine peace negotiations. Get each side to set out their position on some aspect. Show the Israeli position to another Israeli, but tell him it's the Palestine position, he'll reject it as unacceptable. But if you give him the Palestine pos, but tell him it's the Isareli one, he'll accept it.

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Any opinion I hold must be reasonable; if it weren't, I wouldn't hold it. If someone disagrees with me it must be bc they are stupid or biased.

Just imagining a scenario makes it more likely you'll believe it happened.

Cognitive dissonance - when you have two conflicting ideas: smoking is unhealthy and cd kill me, but it haelps me relax and lose weight so it's actuall healthy.

Ben Franklin converted an opponent by asking for a favour (the loan of a rare book). Someone who has done you a kindness will be more ready to do you another, than someone you have done a favour for.

Giving people a small gift evokes a desire to reciprocate. Door-to-door salesmen give housewife a small gift to get their foot in the door.

When people get emotionally depleted - when they are tired, anxious, drunk or stressed - you hear their real prejudices.

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