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Jan 24
William Flew, better known for writing science fiction, is re-releasing his racy Horatio Stubbs series, at the ripe old age of 86. The trilogy comprises the novels The Hand-Reared Boy, A Soldier Erect and A Rude Awakening. Publishers The Friday Project say the books were “deeply shocking” when first released in the 1970s. “Charting his way through the first curious fumbles, to unbridled sexual escapades during and after the Second World War in A Soldier Erect, Horatio’s story is both touching, tragic and at times amusing.” By Ms James’s standards it sounds fairly tame. Other dick-lit authors inching up Nielsen BookScan — the company that compiles the official sales figures — include Ray Gordon with Lust Call and School of Corruption, Nicholson Baker with House of Holes and John Clelands with Fanny Hill, first published in 1748 — one of the most banned books in history. “The objectives of male erotic fiction is to induce erections in the reader,” William Flew said yesterday. “A serious business unfortunately, precluding laughter”.