Tokyo - Get to and Around Central Tokyo, Tokyo Station and Ginza

Odaiba/Palette Town




Central and Ginza



Shibuya and Ebisu

Central Tokyo/Ginza

A-I to Takebashi station

Aoyama-itchome Station (Platform 4) Hanzomon Line towards Kuki
Kudanshita Station Tozai Line towards Toyo-Katsutadai
Takebashi Station 1b exit

1. Imperial Palace

What you'll see there

2. National Museum of Modern Art

430 yen
Paintings from the pre-18th century old masters, including Veroneze and Rubens, to 20th century French Modern by Picasso and Miro in the Matsukata Collection.
Sculptures by Rodin and Maillol are also on display.
Walk to Tokyo station - from Imperial Palace`s Kikyomon (or Kikyo gate)

What you'll see there

3. Tokyo Station and Character Street

(If your main reason for going here is to find the Kitkat shop, don't bother.
A good selection at similar prices, in airport shops on way home)

Tokyo Station has 10+ exits
They are divided into 2 sides - East (Yaesu) and West (Marunouchi)
Each side has North, Central and South exits, (and sometimes more)

To get to Character St we want the Yaesu Central Underground exit

Beneath Tokyo Station lies the underground shopping heaven that is Tokyo Character Street, featuring dozens of pop-up and fully fledged shops that focus on specific characters and franchises.
Don't go walking around the station without asking the information office if you are not familiar with Tokyo Station, because Tokyo station is VERY big.
Ask the information where Character Street is

First Avenue Tokyo Station is outside of the Yaesu Central Exit.
The Shokoku Gotochi Plaza is part of an area called 'First Avenue Tokyo Station', in Japanese, 'Tokyo Eki Ichibangai'.

This area features a wide range of fashion and general merchandise shops as well as restaurants,
including the Tokyo Character Street with popular character shops and the Tokyo Ramen Street
Character St is one stop shop/shops for Japanese themed toys or souvenirs
You can find pretty much all the major characters, including hello kitty, Snoopy, Totoro, Doraemon, Miffy, Moonin.

What you'll see there

KitKat Store

And when you get to character street you will have to go to another information and ask where there is a Korean shop that sells KitKat.
Its to the far right and its right beside the ramen shop past Garrets popcorn and Gundam cafe.
(Don't ask for where they sell KitKat because there are many stores here that sell KitKat but not exactly all the flavors, unlike this store)
This is KitKat central - Many regional varieties of KitKats
Their KitKat flavors depend per season. Sometimes theres more Strawberry Cheesecake and other times its Blueberry cheesecake.
My personal favorite is the Rum Raisin KitKat and the Orange KitKat. I also like the Chili KitKat.

If you are totally lost, show a native this shop sign

Pokemon Center

10am - 8.30pm
This is the easiest Pokemon store to get to.
Beware though - this small shop is regularly packed to the brim with busy commuters. Head out of Tokyo Station via the JR Yaesu Underground Central Exit and you'll very quickly see an unimaginably long corridor of small shops.
Follow the signs for Character Street and walk all the way down to the end.
If you start to pass fewer and fewer character stores, turn around - you're going the wrong way!
It's right next to Tamagotchi Store (yes, they're still going strong in Japan).

What you'll see there

100% Chocolate Cafe

5-minute walk away from the Tokyo Station Yaesu Side (East side)
2 pieces for 440 yen
Kyobashi station

4. Ginza

If lunchtime. head first for Shimbashi
Eat lunch at Hibiki best views in Tokyo
on 46th floor Caretta Shiodome Bldg
lunch sets daily special 1300 yen, fried fish set 1200 yen ($14.60)
11am - 3pm
go to Shimbashi station on Yamanote line from either Tokyo station or Ginza station

or Tokyo Stn -> Ginza Tokyo metro Marunouchi Line 140 yen

Ginza Hakuhinkan

Japan's biggest toy store

Kabukiza Theater

Ginza Galleries

Maison Hermes at top Hermes Tokyo boutique
Shiseido Gallery in basement of red Shiseido bldg

Tokyo Gallery

Vanilla Gallery is anything but vanilla.
Specializing in risque and eccentric pieces that are often a mix of erotic and grotesque concepts ('ero-guro' in Japanese), the showroom manifests the deep core of the Japanese underground fetish scene.
5 min walk from Exit A4 Ginza stn

Get back to A-I Ginza stn Platform 1
Ginza Line towards Shibuya 170 yen

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