Tokyo Get to and Around Roppongi

Odaiba/Palette Town




Central and Ginza



Shibuya and Ebisu


Direct line A-I to Roppongi Stn

Oeda line 180 yen 2 mins

1. Mori Tower

8 min walk from station Roppongi Hills

Mori Art Museum on 52nd and 53rd floors
10am - 10pm except Tues close 5pm 1000 yen
1800 yen for both Mori and National Art center or show ticket stub at second one for 200 yen discount

What you'll see there

2. National Art Centre

closed Tues Free entry but pay for special exhibitions on ground floor
current special exhibitions 1000 yen
Alberto Giacometti
and Contemporary Art from Southeast Asia 1980s to Now
and check the basement furniture

What you'll see there

3. Street Furniture

On main street Roppongi Keyakizaka Dori of Roppongi Hills and the sidewalk of Sakurazaka Street, world's first attempt 'streetscape' plan produced by collaboration of 13 designers.

Pics here street furniture (scroll down)

And to cool your heels on a hot day


The Pink Cow tex-mex, usually with some form entertainment
mains start from ¥1180

Hobgoblin - British pub style
shepherds pie ¥1200 fish and chips ¥1500

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