Tokyo - Navigating the Subway

Guide Map

Pick up a copy of the Tokyo Metro Guide pamphlet on a display rack in every station
Make sure you get English version!

Ticket Machines

Before you enter the station, you need a ticket
Ticket machines usually close to entrance gates
Press button on top right corner to change language, select English
If want multiple tickets, choose one of icons down left side of screen
The lowest fare will get you to most destinations on that line
(If it's more, you pay the difference at Fare Adjustment machine at other end)
(Or go to gate attendant and say you can't work machine, and he will work it out)

Find the right train

There are over 140 stations on 9 separate lines
You will often need 2 trains to get to a destination

Each line has its own platform, serving trains going both ways
They are usually labelled according to the final destination
So, if you are on a Ginza line platform there will be one train going to Asakusa and the other going to Shibuya

List of 9 metro lines and colour codes tells you how ot decode the staion signs and names on maps + links to maps and tips

Use map to check progress
Speaker warning of next station
The most easily understood part of warning is station number
which you can see on the detail map of the Guide which shows every station

Find the right exit

You get off the train into a 3D maze
The trick is to do a bit of research first
Google destination and station exit - Usually a number
If you can't find it, ask attendant at ticket gate
Follow the overhead signs

Odaiba/Palette Town




Central and Ginza



Shibuya and Ebisu


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